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micheal aldridge

I believe that reza khalili dosnt have any sense because,well apparently she knows nothing about the sport of kings so heres a short history lesson.
Gamefowl where made in the beginning they can not be bred this way but one outcross to a regular chicken will produce non-fighters also know to the cockers as "dunghills".the razors on the heels are more humane than their natural spurs because this helps end it faster and usually allows the winner to live.With the natural spur the winners eye can get knocked out easy.and a good bit of the time both roosters die.the winner usually dies from internal bleeding this is because the natural spur no matter how sharp is still considered blunt.Here is another fact to any stupid person that is guilty.alot of people let their dogs run loose they kill expensive chickens on my property.Who gets in trouble?I do because every activists that fights to make cockfighting illegal wants to make the breed extinct.they tried to pass a law in georgia this year for them.sure they protect a useless bald eagle but not a game rooster.those animal cops are some of the dumbest in the bunch.i seen that show on animal planet they caught the roosters up and killed all of them they said they couldnt be given homes cause they were "TRAINED"to anyone who raises gamefowl knows you cant teach them to fight they either have it or they dont.if all the gameroosters were to be let go they would all kill every other gamefowl that comes into sight which means in the wild they fight on there own why cant we just enjoy it.anyone who says god makes mistakes is lost and out of their mind.i know someone will probly try to say thou shall not kill.but killing is natural in the animal world.cockfighting is a natural entertainment its hard to look away from the excitement.
also i would like to thank sidney for post this stuff.god bless you.

graceful decadence

Fantastic portraits of the proud masters!


nice vivid pictures... these pictures reminded me of my "1st love" (lol), he was a sabongero from Batangas. My mom warned me that sabongeros are generally heart breakers, she was right on this one.

Ashish Sidapara

Having watched them on tv and now on your site, i feel the need to see it happening in front of my eyes. Great series, keep them coming!


nice pictures..beautiful smile from the sabungeros.....


nice shots, you can see that each one is proud and loves there cock


Partly, I would agree that is is an equalizer especially in far away places because the sabungero and friends normally pool their money up(like mutual fund) to go against one bet of a rich man in locality.

But in the cities, big time people do not socialize that much because they are treated as VIP's.

One of the main attractions of Sabong is that like horse racing, it is an outlet for the sugarol habit of most Pinoys plus you may earn money fast.


Excellent shots ... and what lovely plumes they have.

Mike Dougan

Excellent series Sydney but remember journalist's get shot in the Philippines and so do polatician's who go to cock fight's. Recently there was a shooting in a local arena where 7 men were killed. However keep up the good work but watch your back.


Wow! Intense stuff!

Ashwathy Nair

Excellent portraits!


very informative entry. this sport may be acceptable to some people, but for me, it's a bad habit because it involves gambling.


Sidney, I am really loving this series, very informative and enlightening, also loving the shots, keep em coming (don't go back to the cows anytime soon bro LOL)



Comme je l'érivais il y a quelques jours , je suis étonné de la diversité , de la richesse de vos photos .
Vous etes un grand photographe !!!
J'admire les couleurs des plumes de ces coqs !!!Une merveille !


I do realize after reading your post that sabungero does serve as an equalizer as it pulls the gap closer because the rich, the poor, politicians and others can come by and enjoy this sport.

And I love the pictures. I presume that those are the fighting cock owners. Vibrant colors!



i realized just now, that sabong is indeed an equalizer :)


A telling series of portraits of cocks and people.
Amazing that this is a common meeting point regardless of class.


Nice pics..very lucid..makes me feel a liitle nostalgic. Reminds me of my hometown back in Negros where the only game in town is cockfighting -no hockey, football nor baseball - just plain good old cockfighting.


Love the way they hold their birds. They seem to be caressing them.


once I want see this cockfight!
In my country is forbidden!


kinda fun to watch them my country consider a sport- i saw them so many times really intense fighting...but when it involved wt gambling they become a bad habit game. great portrait shots:-))


they do look well groomed and cared for, bright colors

reza khalili

it's cool urban shots.
regret for 9/11


"Tinali, Tinalo, Tinola" meaning “Tied, Defeated, Soup Dish” sums up the barbaric episode of cockfighting. What is seldom mentioned is that these roosters are outfitted with spurs or knives on their legs so they can stab each other. What they also fail to mention is that the rooster’s comb or crown is sliced off without anesthetics when they are young to eliminate another source of appendage that can be pecked. I don’t know why the Humane Society has not touched this bloody and primitive past time in this poor country. It is also true that because of raging poverty I have heard it spoken that a chicken’s life is more valuable than humans. This ought to be a source of shame.


You're right, cockpits are just about everywhere -- part of barkadahan and pakikisama (though not in my circles!).

And it's kinda strange that the cocks look healthier than their handlers sometimes. ;-)

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